Year 5: Blog items

Year 5 - Relationships and sex education

Date: 8th Feb 2024 @ 3:03pm

In year 5, we built on our learning in science to look more closely at the changes that take place in human bodies during puberty. In groups, we looked at the physical and emotional changes that happen in boys and girls and discussed the changes that are different between girls bodies and boys bodies. We discussed the importance of personal hygiene, and explored different products that are available to keep us clean and healthy.

Year 5 - Aspire-ing Carpenters

Date: 8th Feb 2024 @ 11:58am

This week pupils visited Aspire Academy to begin contruction of their frame structures. We were able to use the workshop and have expert teaching. Pupils learned the names of the equipment and had a go at measuring, sawing and sanding the wood. 

Year 5 - Boundary Book Banter

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 2:33pm

To help engage and excite pupils in reading, we have been chatting about the books that we have checked-out of the new school library (The Attic). Each week, pupils will be given time to share their book with their peers and the whole class, explaining what they liked or disliked about the book. Together we will explore common themes and make links between different genres and different authors.

Year 5 - DT Trip to Aspire

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 2:03pm

Rowan class visited Aspire Academy yesterday as part of our Design and Technology unit. We have been working on frame structures this half term and the children were able to use the workshop at Aspire to start to build their frame structures, using all of the appropriate equipment. The children worked really hard and produced some great work using measuring and cutting skills. 

Year 5 - Eye See a Fair Test

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 12:16pm

As part of our biology lessons this half term, we have been learning about how our bodies change as we get older. In this lesson, pupils worked together to plan a fair test to investigate how people's eye-sight may be different. We discovered that moving closer to an object generally improves our vision. Also, we learned that as we get older our eye-sight gets worse as the lenses in our eyes become worn, and this is why more people wear glasses as they enter old age.

Year 5 - Protest Pop

Date: 25th Jan 2024 @ 11:35am

In this music journey, pupils are learning about South African protests songs. These are usually a fussion of different musical genres; especially jazz, gospel and pop music. Pupils learned the words of a song called, 'Freedom is Coming' and sang, whilst other children improvised a melody using pitched percussion instruments.

Year 5 - Yoga

Date: 25th Jan 2024 @ 11:23am

In PE this week, pupils continued on their Yoga journey. We have learned the Sun Salutation movement and discussed how yoga and meditation can help support our mental and physical health. Pupils enjoyed this time to be peaceful and relax their bodies. 

Year 5 - Travel by Tuba

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 3:43pm

This week we had a visit from two amazing musicians. We were taken on a musical trip around the world, listening to different instruments and learning about musical styles from different cultures. The children really enjoyed the assembly and learned more about music appreciation. 

Year 5 - Digital Literacy No Pen Morning

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 8:24pm

To develop our digital literacy skills, pupils at Boundary spent the morning completing maths and writing lessons using only digital devices. For reading into writing, pupils used their chromebooks to publish their creation stories from Aboriginal culture. For maths, pupils used the BBC Micro:bits to create a rock, paper, scissors game. This was the first time pupils have used these tiny computers, and they even improved the code to reset after each turn, display a welcome message when the device was turned on, and make sound effects! 

Year 5 - Digital Learning in RE

Date: 11th Jan 2024 @ 4:46pm

To support the pupils' learning in RE, we have been using an online resource called Kahoot!. Kahoot! is an interactive quiz that engages the pupils and helps them to learn the facts and knowledge required in the lesson. Using the Kahoot! over time also helps the children to commit the new knowledge to their long-term memory.

Year 5 - Reading Returns

Date: 11th Jan 2024 @ 4:37pm

After two weeks away over Christmas, pupils in year 5 are back and hard at work improving their reading and reading comprehension skills. As usual, this week pupils have been exploring texts related to our writing journey, Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories from Australia. Pupils read and discuss the text in a small group before answering comprehension questions about what they have read. Other children were working independently on our online resource, 'Reading Plus' - reading different genres of text and answering questions.

Year 5 - Anglo-Saxon World Map

Date: 21st Dec 2023 @ 11:29am

As our journey into Anglo-Saxon Britain comes to an end, two pupils added a note about Anglo-Saxons to the school's world map. The tribes, who invaded Britain during the early medieval period, were called the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. They came from Denmark, Germany and Netherlands.

Year 5 - Nativity Art

Date: 21st Dec 2023 @ 11:22am

As we get closer to Christmas, pupils in year 5 were asked to use the art skills we learned earlier in the year to produce a Nativity image. Using pencils, pupils sketched images of the Nativity over an ancient map of the Holy Land.

Year 5 - As-tu un Animal?

Date: 19th Dec 2023 @ 4:08pm

Year 5 have worked really hard in our French lessons this half term. They have been learning about animals and how to say what animals they do have and don't have in French. They have looked at masculine and feminine animals to help them to correctly form the sentences in French. 

Road Safety poster winner!

Date: 18th Dec 2023 @ 8:05am

Well done to Thearush who won the Boundary Primary 'Road Safety Awareness' poster competition. His prize? An afternoon with the PCSOs on Traffic Duty!

Year 5 - Christmas Dinner

Date: 12th Dec 2023 @ 9:45am

Today, we had our fantastic Christmas dinner and wore our Christmas jumpers. Everyone was very full after enjoying their dinner!

Year 5 - Text Feature Detectives

Date: 12th Dec 2023 @ 9:37am

As our Reading into Writing journey into stories from other cultures continues, pupils were challenged to find structure and language features from a variety of different text. We have been learning about the Australian Aborigional Dreamtime stories, a group of creation stories from their culture. Pupils identified the features before working collaboratively to find them in different stories.

Year 5 - Crazy Conductors

Date: 7th Dec 2023 @ 2:32pm

In this lesson, pupils investigated which materials were good conductors of heat and which materials were good conductors of electricity. We concluded that metals were the best conductors of heat and electricity, and also that materials that were good heat conductors were also good electrical conductors. Materials that are not good conductors are called insulators.  

Year 5 - Vicious Vikings

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 9:38am

This week, our journey into Anglo-Saxon Briatain continued with a discussion about the Vikings. The Vikings were invading tribes from Norway, Sweden and Finland, who attacked northern Britain during the Bronze Age. In this lesson, pupils learned about different events and had to decide how much of a threat the Vikings were to the Anglo-Saxons.  In groups, pupils created 'living graphs' of the period. 

Year 5 - Quiz Coding

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 9:30am

This week, pupils in year 5 created a quiz game on Scratch. They coded an algorithm using 'selection' to make a 'true' outcome and a 'false' outcome depending on the user input. Pupils tested their programs and debugged it to make it run better. 

Year 5 - Amazing Artefacts

Date: 22nd Nov 2023 @ 8:11pm

Today, pupils in year 5 were given the opportunity to examine a number of Anglo-Saxon artefacts from the museum. We looked closely at the artefacts and tried to work out what they were made of and what they were for. Pupils also got the chance to try on a chain-mail vest and a reproduction of the helmet found in the 'empty grave' at Sutton Hoo.

Year 5 - 5 Pillars

Date: 16th Nov 2023 @ 4:36pm

As part of our learning about Islam in RE, pupils in year 5 had an immersive experience using the Now Press Play equipment. In role as an alien sent to Earth, the children 'visited' a Mosque and saw people praying at the Kaaba in Mecca. During the experience pupils learned about the Qur'an and the 5 Pillars of Islam.

Year 5 - Super Solutions

Date: 16th Nov 2023 @ 4:00pm

This week pupils in year 5 conducted an experiment to find out which solids would make a solution when mixed with water. Solids that dissolve into a liquid are known as soluble. Solids that do not dissolve are called insoluble. Salt and sugar were soluble, whereas sand and soil were insoluble. A liquid can only hold so much of a soluble material, as all of the gaps between the particles are filled. Increasing the temperature allows the solute (liquid) to hold more.

Year 5 - Amazing Acids

Date: 9th Nov 2023 @ 4:04pm

In this lesson, pupils used universal indicator paper to find out if different substances were acid, alkali or neutral. Pupils also found out what happened when you mix an acid (vinegar) with an alkali (bicarbonate of soda). We obseverved that a gas is produced which makes it fizz. Pupils identified that this gas was carbon dioxide.

Year 5 - Rampaging Robots

Date: 9th Nov 2023 @ 3:54pm

Today, pupils in year 5 were given the oportunity of taking part in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workshop. Working in small groups, they had to build a lego robot, which incorporated a small computer, lights and motors. Pupils then coded algorithms to guide their robot around a circuit. The final challenge was to collect an item in their robot using a scoop or magnet. All the pupils had a great experience and learnt a lot about coding and engineering.