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Now Press Play... Anglo-Saxon Adenvture

Date: 5th Dec 2021 @ 10:24am

Using our 'Now Press Play' equipment, Year 5 immersed themselves into an Anglo-Saxon experience. 

Each child became a character who had been blamed for the escape of the village ox. They were immediately sent into exile and walked for miles to a nearby forest. As they were walking, they came across a camp of Vikings who were planning to burn down their village. They had to warn their neighbours whilst worrying that they would never see their family again.

During this experience, we learnt about:

  • How the Anglo-Saxons relied on the land to survive
  • The structure of Anglo-Saxon society
  • The role of King Alfred in the conflict between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Amazing Anglo-Saxons

Date: 5th Dec 2021 @ 10:19am

Year 5 have really enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons. 

To start our unit, we recapped on our chronological knowledge of History. Once we all knew where the Anglo-Saxons came in history, we then talked about the reasons why the Anglo-Saxons invaded.

We have also investigated the different areas of Anglo-Saxon life: kingdoms, laws and punishment, the social hierarchy and the names and places the Anglo-Saxons created that are still around today! 

The children were fascinated to learn new words such as churl, weregild and Mercia. 

Holi Art

Date: 5th Dec 2021 @ 9:54am

As part of our Hindu topic in RE, this week we have been focusing our learning on Holi. Holi is a Hindu festival that celebrates spring, love and new life. 

Holi (also known as the 'festival of colours') is a colourful, fun festival where there is singing, dancing and throwing of powder paint and coloured water. In this festival Hindu's celebrate their god Krishna and the legend of Holika and Prahlad.

As you can see in the pictures, Year 5 have been creating their own Holi art. They really enjoyed putting their knowledge into practice. 


Computer Coding

Date: 25th Nov 2021 @ 8:39am

This half-term we have been learning how to code animations and games, using a website called  In this lesson we had to code part of a Minecraft game and could even add sound effects and music to make it more realistic. These skills will help the children as they move through school, as computing skills and coding have become part of our everyday lives.  Pupils move from 'block-coding', to 'free coding' and eventually may be able to write their own lines of code.

Survival Skills!

Date: 19th Nov 2021 @ 4:12pm

As part of our final Forest School session, we spent our time outdoors learning different types of survival skills. 

Year 5 made dens out of different materials and learnt how to secure them using a range of knots and understood why it is important to protect ourselves from cold weather whilst out in nature. We then made a fire and understood why different factors such as the wind and types of energies can have an impact on their effectiveness. 

To finish our sessions, we made pizza, shortbread and hot chocolate. 

We have had such a great time and learnt so much about the outdoors. 

Kindness Hugs

Date: 15th Nov 2021 @ 4:03pm

This week is Anti-bullying Week 2021

In year 5 we have written about the Christmas Truce 1914, which happened on Christmas Eve, 1914. The Children wrote a postcard home explaining what had happened and how it made them feel.  Following this, we made 'kindness hugs' - a nice way to show someone that you care.


Fresh Princes of Boundary

Date: 12th Nov 2021 @ 4:15pm

This half term our music lessons are all about Hip-Hop culture, and focus on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, by Will Smith.

This week we listened to and appraised, 'Me, Myself and I' by Del A Soul - discussing the structure and style of the song and comparing it to 'The Fresh Prints of Bel-Air'.  We also discussed the term 'pulse' and tried to move to the pulse in the different tracks.  

We played a rhythm game, where we had to repeat the pattern created by the leader, and finally practised and performed 'The fresh Prince of Bel-Air' together as a class.  

Forest School

Date: 12th Nov 2021 @ 4:05pm

We recently started our three week journey of Forest School last week. This is time where we can enjoy being outside and connecting with all things nature! 

So far, we have engaged in activities such as singing round the campire, finding frogs and making honey shortbread over the fire. 

We all love our time in our dedicated Forest School area, and we are learning so much about how to properly care for wildlife and our planet. 




Poppy Art

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 3:54pm

This week we have introduced Remembrance Day to our class, focusing on why we have a Remembrance Day and why poppies are used to symbolise this important day. 

Using special watercolour paints and paper, children in Year 5 produced a range of beautiful poppy art to decorate a fallen soldier. We had to use special techniques to create the different effects on the special paper. 

This is the start of a two-week period we have in school to remember and honour members of the armed forces. 

Black History Month

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 3:48pm

October was Black History month, and in Year 5 we enjoyed finding out about promenent Black muscians from the past. This linked with our learning in Music, where we were listening to, and making observations about Motown music from the 1960s and 1970s. In our writing journey, we researched the singer and musician, Stevie Wonder, and wrote a historical narrative about his amazing life. As part of our guided reading sessions, we read about other famous Black people who have had an impact on the world; Sislin Fay Allen, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

In space, no-one can here you learn

Date: 4th Nov 2021 @ 4:08pm

This term our science topic is , 'The Earth and Space'.

We will be learning about some of the amazing things that can be found in the universe, including planets, moons and asteroids.  In our first lesson, we worked together as a class to create a scale diagram of the planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  

Using the actual sizes, we calculated how big we would have to make the planets to fit on our classroom ceilling - Jupiter has a diameter of 142,800 km (11.2 x bigger than Earth), so in our diagram, Jupiter had a diameter of 66cm.  We also used the same method to calculate how far apart the planets would be on our diagram, using their relative distance from the Sun - Earth is approximately 149,000,000 km (1 Astronomical Unit) away from the Sun, but on our diagram it is just 40 cm.  The pupils then used real photographs of the planets to paint or colour them in the correct colours.

What's Under Your Feet?

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 5:00pm

We took part in 'What's Under Your Feet' task where we had to check the food supply for birds. We threw a pencil onto the grass to select the area and this would be the place we were going to dig up to investigate. Once we had selected our area, we measured 30cm x 30cm ready to dig up. We used a spade to dig up the top layer of grass and soil and tipped it onto a tray. Using rulers and plastic dishes, we placed worms and other wildlife in to measure the lengths of the food source for birds. Whilst we were doing this task, we saw seaguls stamping their feet on the grass to trick the worms into thinking that it's raining so that they would come to the surface. 

Musical Motown Masters - Dancing In The Street

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 4:49pm

In today’s lesson we listened to our main song ‘Dancing In The Street’ to remind us of the tempo of the song. We looked at what a music stave was and the meaning of the time signature. We also learnt the notes, F A C E and E G B D F and where they are placed on the stave. We played the glockenspiels to ‘Dancing In The Street’ and finished the lesson by learning the verses and chorus to the song where we performed it.

Soccer Stars

Date: 19th Oct 2021 @ 12:21pm

Year 5 have had a great 6 weeks of football coaching in PE, delivered by our local FA qualified coach. In our final lesson this week we were playing small-sided, competitive matches on the MUGA.  To be successful pupils had to use the skills that they have learned over the course of the unit: controlling the ball, dribbling, defending and shooting. As we were playing as a team, pupils also had to work together to attack and defend as team, and support others to win the match.  Pupils developed their tactical awareness, developing tactics to beat the other team by scoring and defending. Everyone enjoyed this, and has made progress with their football skills and their tactical awareness in games.  A big 'thank you' to Mr Williams for supporting our learning this half-term. 

Singing Stevie!

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 4:06pm

During Black History Month, Year 5 have been given the topic of 'Influential Musicians' to research and create work about. 

Over the past week, we have looked at numerous Black musicians, including: Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin and Martha and the Vandellas. We have had so much fun singing and dancing to their songs, but had even more fun writing about them. 

We have been planning our historical narrative around Stevie Wonder so we spent a lesson researching his life. 


Soluble Science!

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 7:24am

This week in Science we took part in an investigation to find out which materials are soluble. 

We first ensured that we all knew what the terms around solubilty were so we could talk scientifically during our experiment. 

We then took turns to gather a material and stir it into water and watch what happened. We used sand, rice, sugar, salt, coffee and whipped cream! As you can tell from the photographs, our children in Year 5 learnt so much about the materials and their solubility. Once we had finished our experiment, we spent time to write our results down and compare them with what different groups found. 

No Pen Day!

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 7:17am

This week we took part in No Pen Day! This included doing our normal lessons but in a slightly different way... with no pens! Some people might think this is hard, but in Year 5, we rose to the challenge! 

During Reading into Writing, we annotate a historical narrative using typed features and gluing them down and in Maths, we completed another tri-jigsaw (to do with addition and subtraction, our current topic). During PSHE we took paert in an activity where we tested how far sneezes and coughs go by using a water sprayer, and finally in Geography we had a research lesson about rivers. The research lesson allowed children to find out what they wanted about rivers, and some children even found rivers from their home countries that they didn't know about. 

A great day was had by all in Year 5.


Magical Maths!

Date: 2nd Oct 2021 @ 11:55am

This week in Maths we have come to an end of our place value unit. During this unit, we investigated Roman numerals which the children found fascinating!

To finish the week off, the children in Year 5 were able to put their new knowledge of Roman numerals to the test by doing a tri-jigsaw. This involved working out what the Roman numerals were in numbers and then putting the tri-jigsaw together on the template. The children engaged in lots of brilliant conversations about the numbers, as well as using their problem-solving skills too!  



Shocking Science

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 8:32am

This weeks science lesson was an investigation into materials: Which materials are electrical insulators?

We started by predicting which materials we thought were insulators and which were conductors. Then pupils made a simple circuit from wires, batteries and a bulb, and then created a gap in the circuit to stop the electricity flowing. The pupils then placed a selection of materials into the circuit and observed whether the bulb was illuminated or not.  Pupils recorded their observations in a results table. We also discovered that some materials were better conductors than others - these made the bulb even brighter. Our conclusion was that metals are good conductors of electricty!

Super Scientists!

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 5:04pm

In our science lesson this week, the pupils were asked; Which cup would keep a hot drink hot the longest?

We worked as a class to plan an investigation to decide on the best material to make a cup for a hot drink: plastic, metal, cardboard or ceramic. After discussing how to make the test fair and making a prediction, we put hot water (75 degrees C) in each of the four cups and measured the temperature - using a thermometer - every two minutes.  Although it was quiet close, the cardboard and plastic cups kept the water the warmest, whereas the metal and ceramic mugs allowed the water to cool. This is because cardboard and plastic are insulators of heat, but metal and cermic are conductors of heat.

In conclussion, if you want to keep your brew warm, use a plastic mug!

The winners for TTRS this week are...

Date: 23rd Sep 2021 @ 9:11pm

Hawthorn! Well done again Hawthorn! A big improvement though this week Rowan. Keep going and let's see if you can beat them next week.

Wonderful Writers

Date: 22nd Sep 2021 @ 4:40pm

Today we have begun to write the first draft of our non-chronological reports about rivers. The pupils are using their plans, which are in note form, to write paragraphs about the different river features found along the river's journey. In the following lessons pupils will edit and improve their drafts, before publishing their final non-chronological report. 

Amazing Art!

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 4:56pm

This week in Art, we have been recapping our understanding of the seven elements of art! We designed our own page of information to publish on our class walls, as seen in the pictures. We started to experiment with the different elements in our sketch books by changing the value of colours and experimenting with line and form. Through discussions in our class, we are now looking forward to the rest of our printing unit and gaining inspiration from Peter Blake, William Morris and Roy Lichtenstein to replicate techniques and create our own original pieces. 

Year 5 Soccer Stars

Date: 16th Sep 2021 @ 3:50pm

This half-term we are lucky enough to have our FA coach, Mr Williams, supporting our learning in PE. We will be learning some of the key skills of 'invasion games', which include football, netball and rugby. All of the skills and tactics are transferable to a variety of different sports and games. 

This week we were looking at dribbling the football with both feet and passing the ball through a target. Children were challenged by the size of the target, by using both feet, and by using different parts of their feet to kick the ball. All the pupils enjoyed this session and were successful!

The winners for TTRS this week are...

Date: 16th Sep 2021 @ 2:31pm

Hawthorn!! Well done Hawthorn, you smashed it this week. Rowan, you need to up the stakes next week and see if you can beat Hawthorn!