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Year 3- No Pen Morning !

Date: 18th Apr 2024 @ 2:50pm

For our No Pen Morning, we thought about how we could use our oracy skills to complete our Reading into Writing and Maths lessons. In Reading into Writing we were completing our GPS lesson focusing on subheadings. The children ordered a text based on subheadings, created their own headings and matched topics to the headings. In Maths, we looked at adding fractions. The children created a tarsia using our knowledge of adding numerators.

Year 3- Parts of Plants

Date: 18th Apr 2024 @ 2:45pm

Today we explored the parts of plants. We dissected the plants to examine the parts. We used magnifying glasses to take a closer look. We found roots, buds, flowers, leaves and stems. We then looked at the roles of these parts. 

Year 3- To grow or not to grow? That is the question!

Date: 11th Apr 2024 @ 2:55pm

In Year 3, we have started our new Science topic of plants today and spent the lesson planning an experiment. We were planning how liquids can affect plant growth. The children set up pots with seed in and will measure over time the growth rate. In time we will see how coke, water, plant food, juice or no liquid will make the plants grow!

Year 3- World War Two!

Date: 11th Apr 2024 @ 2:47pm

In this lesson we started out new topic of World War Two. The children began by understanding where it fit into history by exploring timelines and ordered key events. We then went on to explore the key events that led up to the war happening. After that we discussed how Britain tried to appease Germany and considered the for and against arguments for appeasement.

DT- Easter Extravaganza!

Date: 10th Apr 2024 @ 8:57am

After spending time exploring a variety of existing shell structures, looked at creating nets and CAD, it was finally time to make our final products. We made our very own Easter themes boxes to hold a chocolate surprise. We had to carefully use a hot glue gun and measure accurately to ensure that they folded together correctly. We also used moulds to create different chocolate shapes to go inside, proving our designs were fit for purpose!

Spelling Bee

Date: 22nd Mar 2024 @ 3:39pm

Today we held out second Speling Bee of the year and it was another fantastic occasion. 4 children from each year group represented their house and were given three spellings each to spell out loud from a bank of words they have been learning since September. The competition was extremely close, with Rodwell and Elston finishing joint first as the children from these houses spelled all of their words correctly.


Well done to all of the children who took part today.

Year 3- Vaisakhi Festival

Date: 22nd Mar 2024 @ 11:36am

 In RE, we looked at the Vaisakhi festival. We looked at traditional jewellery and clothing, learnt about the traditions of the festival and even got to try some traditional foods. We had a great time and enjoyed learning about a different culture. 

Year 3- The Day the Dinosaurs visited Boundary!

Date: 22nd Mar 2024 @ 11:24am

What a day we have had! 

Science Day 2024 was a blast into the past as we spent our day learning all about dinosaurs! We were lucky enough to have a visit from the incredible Teachrex, who had us amazed with their T-Rex named Jam. We had a close and personal account with a huge dinosaur and played some fun activities with him. He even ate one of the teachers and some of our friends! In the afternoon, we got to use a green screen and see how technology could be used. We created our own videos running away from dinosaurs. It was amazing!
Throughout the day we also went on a vocabulary hunt, worked in teams using our oracy skills to create fact files and finally we created a meal for a dinosaur of our choice. . Please ask us about our day and take a look at our pictures!

Year 3- Finding features in poems!

Date: 14th Mar 2024 @ 2:56pm

In Reading into Writing we have begun our new journey of poems. We have created a shared Success Criteria of the features and have identified features in a range of poems.  

Year 3- Designing nets!

Date: 14th Mar 2024 @ 2:48pm

In D.T we have been looking at making shell structures. We have been making shell structures as Easter gifts and have been using CAD to design our products.

Year 3- Our trip to Aspire

Date: 11th Mar 2024 @ 1:01pm

We visited Aspire as part of our Light topic in Science. We looked at what white light is made up of and used a light box to try to create our own rainbows. We then learnt about the primary colours of light. We explored what happens when we shine these colours onto objects. Finally, we mixed the primary colours of light to create white light.

Year 3- World Book Day!

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 12:56pm

Take a look at our amazong World Book Day costumes! We all dressed as our favourite characters today and shred our reasons for picking our characters. We joined a football quiz, joined in a great book Kahoot, read our reading books and finally we created our own story boards.

We were also lucky enough to have our very own book swap! We brought in a book that we had read and swapped it for one we were yet to explore! 

What a brilliant day of books!

Year 3- Shell Structures

Date: 5th Mar 2024 @ 10:26am

As part of our DT unit, Shell Structures, we have looked at nets. We carouselled around the room completing a series of activites. These included usingmagnet shapes to make shell structures, deconstructing 3D shapes, cutting and folding nets and finally we made nets to replicate real life objects! We even linked it to History and made some historical landmarks!

Year 3- Making music!

Date: 28th Feb 2024 @ 1:06pm

In music, Year 3 have been looking at playing, improvising and composing using the glockenspiels. The children planned out their compositions using beats and used the notes GABCD in their compositions.

Year 3- Food glorious food!

Date: 27th Feb 2024 @ 12:01pm

Last half term, the children in Year 3 explored healthy and varied diets. We designed and created wraps and pittas thinking about colour, taste and if it had a selection from the eat well guide.

Year 3- RSE

Date: 27th Feb 2024 @ 11:58am

Before half term, the children explore their RSE learning. The children explored different body types, the importance of personal space and different types of families.

Year 3- What is light?

Date: 27th Feb 2024 @ 11:51am

In our first lesson on light we explored what light was and what darkness is. We discoverd that darkness was the absence of light. We also learnt that light travels in straight lines. Finally, we explored what light sources are and which were natural and manmade. 

Year 3- Finding features!

Date: 22nd Feb 2024 @ 2:47pm

In this lesson we began to explore the features of a fable. The children used the success criteria made in previous lessons to identify a range of features.  

Year 3- Helpful Historians!

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 1:37pm

This lesson focused on what we could learn from evidence left behind in the Iron Age. The children carefully labelled key evidence and discussed what we could learn from it.

Year 3- Food Tasting!

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 1:29pm

Today we started our DT journey based on cooking. We will be creating our own wraps/pittas. We started the day by focusing on what it meant to have a healthy balanced diet and created a presentation. We then taste tested a variety of foods. Finally, we designd our wraps/pittas ready to make next week! Keep your eyes peeled for our final products!

Year 3- Final Forest School fun!

Date: 29th Jan 2024 @ 8:49am

Last week saw Year 3 take on the final forest school session of Winter! The children enjoyed using their skills to build shelters and to build and cook on a fire! We enjoyed the tasty treat of popcorn!

Year 3- The Mystery of Stonehenge!

Date: 25th Jan 2024 @ 8:56am

In History this week, we investigated Stonehenge. We looked into why it is so difficult to know why Stonehenge was made. In groups we used our oracy skills to discuss 4 different theories around Stonehenge. Using our previous knowledge on The Stone Age, we discussed if we thought these theories were plausible and which we felt was most likely. 

Year 3- Travelling by Tuba

Date: 23rd Jan 2024 @ 10:47am

Year 3 got to experience Travelling by Tuba, an interactive musical trip through the year ! The children loved looking at all the different instruments and hearing the amazing music!

Year 3- Forest School Fun Part 2!

Date: 18th Jan 2024 @ 3:30pm

Today we created a fire and made our own hand warmers by heating rocks. We also used moss, leaves and twigs to make our own bird nests. Due to the cold weather, we found that our pond was frozen. We experiemented to find gthe best way to break the ice. We are looking forward to our final session next week!

Year 3- R.E Church visit

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 8:57am

To introduce the children to our new R.E topic the children visited St Mark’s Church. We learnt all about disciples and how people show they are disciples to God and Jesus today.

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